Kolloquium Gesundheit und Bevölkerung

Steckbrief Kolloquium "Gesundheit und Bevölkerung"

General Features
Title Kolloquium "Gesundheit und Bevölkerung" 
Research focus homepage See link  and Stud.IP
Reference number 375016 / 77788
Semester Winter Term 22/23
Kick-Off-Event October 27 2022 - 14.30-15.30 pm | Venue: 1507-005
Rhythm of the event Summer and winter term 
Contents Participating students are required to compose a term paper on a selected presentation/paper of the colloquium "Health and Population". The aforementioned term paper consists of an "article critique" of the underlying paper being presented. The colloquium allows the students to discuss with external researchers and to analyze current research and state-of-the-art methods in empirical health and population economics. Knowledge of econometrics, in particular causal estimation methods is helpful. Attendance is compulsory. 
Target Audience

MSc Wiwi PO 2012 Major Health Economics, MSc Wiwi PO 2018 Area Health Economics

Slot Number 10


Venue 1507-005 (Broadcast via Webex, in case an appointment should take place online. If necessary, link is made available via Stud.IP)
Practice Partners Not applicable
Requirements and Support
Objective Participation is intended to sharpen the students' critical thinking skills by writing a critical statement on a research paper. This explicitly includes the review of the empirical literature.
Required prior knowledge Knowledge of econometrics, in particular causal analysis, and health economics 
Supporting course for an introduction to scientific work Course "introduction to scientific writing" (in German) via BBB and ILIAS (compare Stud.IP "Einführung in das wissenschaftliche Arbeiten") 
Formal requirements See "Leitfaden" issued by the Institute of Health Economics
General Literature 
  • Angrist and Pischke, Mastering Metrics, 2015, Princeton University Press
  • Angrist and Pischke, Mostly Harmless Econometrics, 2009, Princeton University Press
  • Jones et al, Applied Health Econometrics, 2nd ed. 2011, Routledge Publishing
Basic literature as an introduction to each topic Will be provided
Methodology Article critique
Special software used Not applicable
Recommended word processing software At the students' discretion (Microsoft Word, LaTex) 
Term paper page count Required page count is fixed during kick-off event
Discussion of outline Upon appointment
Performance requirements 100% term paper, no presentation, attendance is compulsory
Assessor Prof. Dr. Annika Herr 
Contact Person Prof. Dr. Annika Herr or David Probst 
Group Work and Assignment of Topics
Group work Not applicable
Group size Not applicable
Group composition procedure Not applicable
Topics See link 
Topic allocation procedure Individual arrangement
Type of pre-registration  Individual arrangement 
Stud.IP Signup Active
Pre-registration / application Individual arrangement or Stud.IP querry
Preliminary discussion / topic presentation / kick-off meeting 27.10.22 - 14.30 -15.30 pm. Venue :1507-005 (Conti-Campus)
Topic assignment Individual arrangement or Stud.IP querry 
Binding registration After topic assignment
Start of processing term paper After presentation has been held
Term paper submission  31.01.2023
Presentation submission Not applicable
Presentation event Not applicable