You would like to write your bachelor thesis at the IHE?Then please participate in the central application procedure of the Dean of Studies Office.


At the Faculty of Economic Sciences of Leibniz University, bachelor theses are usually allocated by the Dean's Office according to a preference-based procedure. For this purpose, please participate in the central application procedure and name the IHE as your highest preference, if you would like to write your thesis at the IHE. More detailed information can be found here.

If you have been assigned to the IHE, you will be offered a wide range of topics for your thesis. You will find these topics here from February 6th
If you want to register your thesis before the exams in the summer semester, please send three preferences to Mr. Lückemann until April 1st. You will then receive a topic according to your preferences. If you have not registered your thesis by May 15th, the topic will remain in the topic list for another round. 
If you would like to write your final paper during the summer semester break, you will have access to the updated topic list starting from May 16th . Please then send your three preferences to Mr. Lückemann by June 15th. The topic will then be reserved for you until July 30th. Otherwise the topic will be released again. If you have your own ideas for a thesis topic, please feel free to send us your proposals.

Each semester, the IHE also offers an accompanying colloquium. This course is mandatory and aims to introduce the IHE's expectations for scientific work. Please inquire well in advance when this course will take place (Einführung in das wissenschaftliche Arbeiten am Institut für Gesundheitsökonomie (273021)). Jedes Semester wird zudem vom IHE ein begleitendes Kolloquium angeboten. Dieser Kurs ist verpflichtend und soll die Erwartungen des IHE an das wissenschaftliche Arbeiten vorstellen. Bitte erkundigen Sie sich rechtzeitig, wann dieser Kurs stattfindet (Einführung in das wissenschaftliche Arbeiten am Institut für Gesundheitsökonomie (273021)).
A guideline for writing a thesis at the IHE with formalities and expectations can also be found here. A concept paper for structuring your thesis can be downloaded here.


If you are interested in writing your master's thesis with us, please contact us directly. The allocation of master theses is not governed by the general allocation procedure.

If you already have ideas for a research topic or a data set, the topic can be defined together. Please make an appointment with a member of the IHE staff. Further information can be found on the page of the Dean of Studies. A guideline for scientific work can be found on our institute homepage.

Starting from summer 2022, writing an empirical master thesis at the Institute of Health Economics requires proof of a passed written exam in the modules Advanced Econometrics/Data Analytics/Applied Health Economics/Econometric Methods/Field Experiments in Health (further achievements only by arrangement). In addition, knowledge in the use of statistical software (Stata, R, Python, SAS, etc) is recommended.